Hoteligent provides real-time reputation management and detailed customer insights, enhancing personal contact in the digital age. Powered by IBM’s Big-Data analytics, Hoteligent offers a complete solution for enhancing customer service, maximizing per guest revenue and identifying new business opportunities.

Hoteligent deploys the hotel’s Wifi-network to automatically collect guest preferences and provide guests with a convenient way to express their satisfaction. The information gathered from social networks, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn etc., creates a detailed overview of guest characteristics which can be used to offer individualized deals. Tracking and analyzing your guests’ online and on-site activity is a new and effective way of generating valuable Business Intelligence.

The combination and efficient analysis of vast amounts of data is what sets Hoteligent apart from other software in this space. Hoteligent is partnering with the world leader in business analytics and is optimized for the hospitality market. Therefore, Hoteligent provides the complete solution for your Hotel’s data analysis needs and provides the most effective tools to optimise your business operations and strategy.