Making the Internet a safer place for families with intelligent real-time traffic management.

To help keep children safe on the Internet, Cloud-Nanny has developed an innovative solution that uses machine learning algorithms and cloud data services to check and categorize websites in real time, and automatically block or alert parents when a potentially unsuitable website has been requested from one of their children’s devices.

As the pace of innovation in online media, gaming and social networking continues to accelerate, the Internet is fast becoming the default medium for entertainment, especially among millennials. If we extrapolate this trend, it’s not unlikely that the next generation—who are children today—will consume media and entertainment almost exclusively through the Internet.

Cloud-Nanny’s product, ChildRouter, was developed around the idea of giving parents an easy way to monitor and manage their families’ Internet usage. ChildRouter is an innovative Internet router that allows parents to manage access to categories of sites by device—so they can keep their own PCs and laptops unfettered, while ensuring that their children’s phones and tablets are blocked from visiting unsuitable sites.

To take its product to the next level, Cloud-Nanny wanted to move beyond manual blacklisting or whitelisting of sites, and create a more sophisticated, intelligent filtering system that could automatically recognize when a site is likely to be unsuitable for a particular audience.

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